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Organized by OneTaste

Date timeNovember 22, 2013 at 8:00 PM (Multiple Dates Available)

Location Park Crescent Conference Centre, 229 Great Portland St, London, Gt Lon

At TurnON, we play 3 round-robin style communication games (INSIDE OUT, HOTSEAT & INTIMACIES) designed to foster connection and intimacy where you would doubt it could exist. It’s an evening where we have the unique opportunity to get real, express ourselves, and talk about things we wouldn’t be able to anywhere else in a full of (fun, cool) people.

At some point you’ll experience sweaty palms, rapid heartbeats, engorgement of the lips, flushing, uncontrollable laughter. This is what we mean by TurnON. You’ll notice the different peaks and sensation in the room. This is just like the practice of OM.

Tonight is an opportunity for you to indirectly experience the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, also called OM. This is a simple 15-minute partnered practice where one person strokes a woman’s genital for 15 minutes. While tonight you will be fully clothed, you get a visceral taste of an OM with the same peaks and sensation you would in the practice.

For a quick taster of the HOTSEAT game that we play at TurnON, check out this clip from a recent episode on the Chopra Network:

Play Chopra Network HOTSEAT Video »

TurnON leads to authenticity AND authenticity leads to the kind of connection we hope for around the globe. Come feel it for yourself!

Doors close at 8:10pm! Please arrive by 8:00pm

Open to Singles and Couples

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